Anticipation...and Pumpkins.

One more day. But in that one day I must pack and gather all items I want to take with me for a week. But much more important than that is PUMPKINS...yes you got it.

We get to carve a few of the 6 pumpkins that I purchased this year. To have a very happy and excited child put her hands in all the goooo....love it! Which child are we referring to is unknown. Not sure whether it be Emory or me who enjoys it more.

Pumpkin carving seems like a ritual to me...why or how is a mystery. Very few things I did as a child I repeat as an adult, but this is definitely one of them.

We will cover the living room rug with a tarp. Then get big bowls for all the seeds that will be cleaned, boiled, and then baked in butter.

The neighbors will come over and join us in the knife wielding festivities. Looks like a low turn out this year, but never mind, there is plenty of joy to go around and lots and lots of pumpkins.

So a day of excitement, enough to hold back all the anticipation of vacation...NOT! My grin will just be a bit brighter today.

Peace and find your fun!