Daylight is due soon

But until then the dark owns the area. Morning is on the horizon as the birds start there morning wake up calls. Some sleep soundly during these early morning hours others rise and move about in a slow but steady manner.

The day holds the unknown. Each one is splendid in what possibilities could arise. These small moments of mystery could change a life or many. Make sure to use them wisely. See the potential that exists in each of them. See the knowledge that can be gained in feeling and hearing the moments. Live fully.

Learning is never ending. Sadly we seem to forget so much throughout live, one best not forget that the opportunity for more knowledge never stops. Each day can bring something wonderful to us. Look closely, the abilities and luxuries we have in life allow us so much. Others may not be as lucky. Choose your steps wisely. See what incredible things surrounds you. Those things are greater than you think, you may not see that what lies about is special, but truly think hard about that. Believe me there is somebody with less.

Today take the time to appreciate what you have cause you never know what exists tomorrow. See the good now. Looking back on it is no where near as splendid. We can love memories, but never forget to live fully today and make those memories that much better. Enjoy now, smile and share it all.