Night arrives slowly

The day is coming to an end, as is the weekend. One in which was filled with usual monotonous details. However small bits of opportunities and life peaked through the wonderful rain/hail thunder storming days.

To look back seems like human nature. Seeing all that should/could and was is fruitless...but human. Why is it sometimes when we look forward with hopes and dreams we almost borrow from the past? Odd really to be what we once were seems pointless. We can never really go back and we certainly will never be who we once were, so see the future at what we can be. Seek the differences of the past with the future. Absorb what knowledge we have endured, seek the future a new.

I keep thinking with my mind on the past to pull forward, but in reality my current life and situation will never be what once was, hence acceptance of the current state is mandatory. Recapturing the best parts and leaving the bad behind is not possible and being a different person with a completion of experiences in the current space would never allow the same decisions and choices to be made as I once did in the past. Making the past what it should be...the past.

New creation of memories is required. New connections are needed. Walk forward into the unknown realm and take with you all that you have learned from your past or at least as much as you can carry.

Seek the future, find it before it swallows you. Live as you are meant to live. Each moment is new; treat it with the respect it deserves. Feel life. For all the good there is bad as well, each teach us and give us strength for the next path. One is not whole without the other. Completeness fills or movements and minds. Find your truth believe in the moment.