Monday morning...

Those words bring music to my mind; literally a song runs through my head. Good thing it is a fast upbeat song (Fleetwood Mac). Usually the morning is sluggish at best, but not so today.

Today one seems to be filled with energy. Now this could all come crashing down since one had little sleep, but oh well. I will enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

Questions float all about today. What project shall one attempt? So many to choose from...perhaps a week of working on many. No completeness but a move on all. A thought, more contemplation and scatterings are needed. Have to wait and see where it takes me.

The sun is out, but non-the less rain is in the forecast, that can be nothing but good. Keeping the garden and me happy. Most definitely gonna get those fresh veggies this year.

Life continues its crawl across a new landscape. Knowledge and opportunity stands on the side waiting for the call. Expand the view and see how the hills in front look. Been so focused on getting past the potholes never noticed the fields in front. Time to look up and see the view. The waves are beautiful and the sand is warm, time to play.

Move forward and enjoy. Peace.