AAnd change occurs non-stop. Landscape moves with each distinct space being unique and changing its overall picture. Some being dramatic, fast and powerful. Others may move slowly and eat away at small sections. Parts that seemed bold and strong may be whittled down to nothing. And the weak and unnoticeable may built into something grand and magnificent.

More often than not though, each movement creates a change amongst all that it touches. The pieces can all be viewed in different ways, but in the end that change cannot be stopped. It will be what it is. The landscape will reflect it all. It moves and continues to change throughout.

The weak become strong and the strong become weak. That momentum can vary and move. Changes all about. Some more obvious than others. End result is acceptance. Do the best of what lies ahead. Creating ones own movement may actually result in outcomes one did not expect.

All will be as it should be. We each have lessons to learn. Maybe some of us don't learn as quickly as others, but in the end we each can hope that our strength or even lack of will carries us to where we need to be. Learn and move forth. Circling is not a way of life.