The materials that collectively make the whole. Uniqueness is created by the various pieces combined in different ways.

The shell, sometimes pieces molded firmly together. Can be very tough but has the ability to crumble or break into pieces forever lost. Without the casing there is nothing inside...empty.

Good news shells break, crack, chip, but amazingly enough a scar may exist but in the end it may hold up all the inner pieces.

Time, movement and placement change the shell. Adaptation and allowances occur within that span of time.

Structure can become harder but just as easily can become weaker. The unknown brings each day to us, like a rocks and nature what lies ahead for us is unknown.

Each opportunity is just that, an opportunity to take the steps to create the moments of our future.

Rocks are wonderful things and in the end they have so many traits that are human, or is it that humans have many traits like rocks...