Do on to others...

We have all heard it. Do we live by it? One will hope so, it holds very true in life. One should expect nothing less of themselves that they expect from others. And one should consider their own actions and comments if expecting others to as well.

Sadly where I think some of the downfall these days’ lies is within Truth or the lack of it. People have some sort of ideal that it is better to feed another what they want to hear and not the Truth. Why is that? There may be times when the Truth is hard to say but in reality Truth is better than the alternatives.

Life is not always going to bring us what we want. It is filled with chaos and choices that may not be anything one would want, but in reality still choices that need to be made. In service industries feeding the customer what they want and are expecting seems to be the norm, regardless of Truth. I find this rather frustrating, why not Truth. "I am sorry, that is not available" instead of "that is out of stock", this is just one small minute thing...gets worse from there.

The only places were this does not seem to be an issue is with doctors, very good thing the Truth still wins out. One is told reality whether wanting it or not. Why can't others follow suit?

Even at work with management seems to tell us what they think we want. The problem I feel is that there is more of us that would just prefer the Truth, whether it be a way or option we wanted it is easier to accept the Truth than some false hope that is changed and moved around frequently.

The worse part of the no Truth option is probably with friends and acquaintances. Why anyone would choose not to tell people that they supposedly care about the Truth is somewhat mind boggling to me. Don't we lose integrity and trust by not being realistic with people in our lives? What about respecting the other person and a smart intelligent human being that can accept honesty in the fashion it was being given.

I do understand some situations in life that precludes Truth, but in most of those sidetracking and skipping over is better. It is those that feed lines to people to completely mislead them seem so foreign to me. Truth is there and if one looks closely in most situations it can be seen without even being said. One only needs to look closely.

Take the time next time, see the Truth and speak it. It can be difficult but in the end if very worth it in the end everyone wins with it. Respect, Trust and be kind to others whenever possible and by using Truth it can be accomplished. Truth may be rough sometimes, but I do not believe it has to be cruel as some use it to hurt others. Think carefully with the words one uses, Truth is a dangerous thing when used unwisely, but in that same respect it can make all the difference in the world.

Good luck and Peace.