"An inherent or distinguishing characteristic; a property," so who is the judge on it? What makes it one way or another?

Each of us has differing opinions of what the terminology consists of. How far one way or another makes Quality. Fine lines distinguish those differences for each of us. Choices and decisions we may base on "Quality" but we will each have to decide those for ourselves of what that truly means.

Odd how in times we can lower or raise our ideal of Quality, each changing with varying degree.

“Worth,” another term that varies within a time and place. Falls close behind Quality and the ethical values we each hold in its terminology and meaning. Again all of us have uniqueness that creates the terms and limits for each of these linguistically.

Sometimes it would be nice if it was all uniform and we could then walk up and get our answers handed to us. Decisions and choices would be limited and easier to accept. Instead we are left holding choices and hoping we make the best ones. Creating our own limits sometimes forces us to do things we may never would have believed we could accept at any another times.

Good luck. Peace.