June days...

of sun versus rain are here. I really like the mixture of rain fighting with the sun throughout the summer. I live in the right city.

The early morning birds chirp through the downpour. The robins cover the yards of the neighbors poking and prodding there way through looking for the worms. The morning air is fairly damp and cool but will eventually leave for a "partially" sunny day...hence a mix of gray and sun. The gardens dream. Wet and gray for the morning and bright warm sun in the afternoon. A good mix.

Mornings bring rejuvenation for so much, me included. Another day arises and energy once again finds a path in. New opportunities, choices and life is laid out before us. We each can make, mold and do as we see fit, however never forget to look up will deciding. The effect we each have on one another cannot be denied. Remember that in your movements and choices.

Sometimes one may put aside something in consideration for others. In the end we each must decide what is best for our completeness...hence others included in our decision-making.

All things good and bad arise. It is for us to decide the finality of any decisions we choose. Good luck on the week.