I sat earlier during a break on a bench in a small park that lies across the street from my office, watching people and cars go by. The city arborist pulled up(he had a labled arborist truck). He came to examine the trees, he tagged one of the beautiful old oak trees (we have 3). Of course, I asked him what he was doing, shocked by the reply. About 5 minutes later a very large truck and chipper machine pulled up...yep one less tree in the park.

The tree was huge, probably 100'’s of years old, unfortunately after they cut it down I realized what the arborist already knew, the tree was dead or at least inside. It had been rotting away for years and was now unsafe. They did the right thing by taking it down before it fell down. One sitting there quietly would have never known...the beauty it filled for us on so many days. The branches and leaves were alive, birds continued to perch and people continued to sit under it.

It'’s gone now but not forgotten. They said they will plant a new one in the fall. Sadly the park looks a bit lopsided now with two big old oaks left and one empty open patch of grass with lots of sawdust.

Dead inside. Understandable.


Blogger Tamara said...

This makes me very sad and not just for the tree.

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