Sleep...and odd thing.

Something each of us needs. Some perhaps needs more than others or at least is use too more than others.

When I worked graveyard in my earlier days I required lots. I would need at least 7 hours preferred 8-9. Somehow changing back to day’s years later in my mid 20's I moved to the realm of 6 and now I am probably averaging a one less than that. What is necessary? Who knows, but I do know that getting too much makes me feel even worse.

7 last night...and I woke up feeling sluggish, grumpy and tired. How can that be? I really am stumped on why more sleep seems to affect me worse than getting less than my average. I am unfocused with less than 3 but I can get by. However give me too much and I will need to walk around like a slug for a few hours to even try to feel awake.

I made myself eat a breakfast (which I do daily) but did not want to today. I will force myself outside to try and get a walk in to try and shake the clouds out.

It rained throughout the night so the ground is drenched but the sun is now coming along drying it in a quick manner. The roads are steaming from the heat centering on it. Odd one of those days were the sun is out shinning but the skies is still show all the dark rain clouds living above to give it a menacing sun look. Kinda cool.

I am sure the clouds will break up to a day of blue skies...wish the sun would break up to allow a day of dark menacing rain clouds.

Out of sorts today...missed the sunrise...seems like a friend to miss, seems a bit odd. Oh well, the day has begun, time for me to get moving on mine.