an emotion. Good, bad and indifferent. One in which seems to vary widely amongst us all. One that gives some reason for alarm. One that may be misunderstood by some. One that seems out of control. One that feels overwhelming at times.

How does one "let go"? Silence sometimes is best. Moving inward is easier. Let one lock it away. In the end hurting oneself is simpler and easier than releasing. Lazy has its rewards and it pitfalls.

Learning new things is much harder; sometimes perhaps it’s not worth the internal struggle? Maybe it will fade into nothing and fall away as another empty shell. Understanding also the concept that it could possibly self-destruct.

Maybe sometimes it is so full and dark that the consequences seem to be light.

Emotions run through us all, they vary and change. We can try and mold and understand them. We can fear them or we can try and understand them. Understanding may be healthier, wiser and something we all hope for but fall short at times. So at times let them run free. Fear is just another emotion...

Good luck on the path.