Does it matter...just another day. One small moment or space of time in a large picture. This moment as inconsequential as the next or is it? Does one realize which ones will truly count?

If the future lies ahead as the unknown, how can one believe that a current time will not change it all? It could indelibly change a path without awareness.

Each movement, comment, question can take us to somewhere else. Hence it lies within our own words and actions that the next moment is created and born. We place our existence on an unknown, but in reality we create our own existence. It is just as easy to be in it as it would be to stop. It all lies within us. The choice is ours. Sadly the ramifications of our choices affect so much more.

All that lives, plays, supports and is a part of our life is affected by our actions. Hence responsibility for ones own actions is as important as thinking of how that interaction will affect another. Never deny that effect.

We are not islands. As much as we may believe we are self-sustaining we are not. We fool no one. We support others and in doing so we learn to trust and on another. When that trust is broken that loss leaves pieces to be dealt with and healed. One must continue past that, see, learn, and grow. The path lies in front. Turning back is good for memories and knowledge but one cannot live there. Healing is forward not backwards.

Life will continue. It may not be what we planned, hoped or dreamed for, however only we can change that. By giving up and allowing those bits lost we lose the ability to make it come true in the future. Continue to search and seek out what is wanted.

Good and bad will continue but see all each of those things brings us. Look closely and for most things lost something good can be found, whether it be a memory or a moment for the future, or a realization that the past was not meant to be the future.



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One of my favorite quotes is by Kierkegaard...'Life can be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards'. I think this applies to what you're saying.


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