Orange streaks across the sky. The birds happily chirp in the morning light. Bright already. Storms moving in for the early evening according to the weather reports. What and who to believe is optional. I watered my garden just in case. One will hope for rain.

Another day merges into life and will become nothing more than memories soon enough. A day filled with meetings and appointments. Just another day on the block.

Each day brings more moments of life. What we do with them depends totally on ones self. Our current place is our own doing. We have an ability to change, but it takes more than thoughts to produce that change. Knowing change is necessary may be fine, but in the end it will produce nothing. Patterns will continue. Moments and opportunities will be lost.

Strength and courage must be found. Decisions and choices must be made. The groove of despair must be broken. Living only by what the future brings will not be enough. One must find the value in one self in each day. Getting up and repeating patterns just to reach the future is not living. Time to make the decision to either live or not.



Blogger Renee said...

By watering your garden, you have ensured that you will indeed get rain today!! That's how the universe seems to work. Need rain? Just wash your car or water the grass! Better yet, do both and you'll get a dandy storm!!

As for personal patterns and change, well I think personal change is like geological change in many ways. In nature, geological changes are ocurring everyday and most of the time aren't noticed. Much of this change is subtle and yes, sometimes slow. The coastline near you is in constant flux, but you don't notice it probably until someone shows you pictures later. But I bet the changes can be dramatic. You are making changes, my friend, the trouble is the progress of change is usually slow and subtle like geological change. Remember the Grand Canyon and the Himalayas weren't created overnight...and while these majestic sights were forming...no one would even have noticed at the time!

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