We do this all the time. Each of us settles. Next time you settle, rethink your process. Accept that settling is not as negative as it sounds. Most of us look at settling as not getting what we want...but in the end getting a piece of what we want.

But in life do we really get all that we want? Accepting less in the end is better than nothing correct? Is that not why we settle? Compromise, isn't life and all our experience created with some compromises? Settling is part of that process; hence it shows acceptance, knowledge and understanding of ones on reality.

We take choices in life. We each have options and if one truly believes settling is not the best option then one should move on to the next option. However the folks that settle and then complain about the settlement are our out line. They themselves had choices and chose not to use them all. Sometimes we may not be have or be where we want but in the end we are there by our own doing.

This is not settling it is life. We got here by free will. All chosen, so next would be the acceptance of it. Find Peace within. Not happy, make a new choice. But as we all know each decision within itself has ramifications and consequences and those may be hard to see clearly until they are upon us. But if one looks at a larger picture they can takes some idea of what that unknown may look once played out. We may not have every detail of those consequences but we can hypothesize and most of the times have some indications of where our choices will lead us. Use them wisely.

Good Luck and Peace.