Another week has begun. Acceptance whether one wanted to or not happens. Absorb all that it means. The sun will be bright and very warm today. Birds will stay in there hiding spots, so will many humans.

The week holds the unknown. Life seems to continue on its path of come and go. People seem to arrive and seem to disappear just as quickly. A continual pattern is formed in my mind. Some type of circle I seem not to know how to break, even when trying.

The fear lies within the fact that those that mean the most may slip away. Only time will tell. Patterns play out and continue. One would hope that knowledge and understanding could bring about change but somewhere and in some places that seems not to be the case.

The fight seems to be gone and one now is just a watcher with the turmoil and sadness left inside. Maybe the process of acknowledgement and learning is that one needs to close more off and live deeper within ones own mind. Less affected by those around us. Hold trust tighter and away. Oddly enough it seems like one already does that, not well enough obviously.

More to learn. Process never seems to end even in the darkest of moments when existence is questioned. Tired.