Rain is in the forecast, yeah.

A new day arrives, more moments to be had. Time to change the view. Looking at what cannot be does no good, so time to see what is reality and there are some grand things here in this moment.

One needs to see that acceptance of reality is better than wishing for the implausible. Knowing ramifications and downfalls and still wanting the unattainable is a matter of protecting oneself.

Saying each morning that what one wants is unattainable is and easy escape of reality. Mostly when one sees if attained it more than likely would have its own set of serious issues and ramifications. Hence, wanting that which is unattainable is easy and a cope out. Time to move on. Give notice to the heart that what is will be and what isn't will never come to fruition. Let go. Move forward, learn, grow and seek out more. Truth is all there and is waiting.

Accept the moment for what it has to offer. Life. The good and all that lies between. Today is a new day and opportunities are everywhere. Take them and feel the rain (or sun if you so choose).