Should be filled with cleaning and rearranging. Must find more space for crap...

Need to have it all together, the day of invasion of 3 more is coming soon...yeah! Long weekend ahead. Sadly gonna miss the punk-o-lunk, but have plans as well, so hopefully a weekend of good.

Decided last evening needed to change the outlook a bit. Have been dreading this weekend of quietness. But previous shopping and the mails arrival helped. Slept well and woke up feeling actually decent.

Onto a day of filled desk and projects that must be completed by 2...so off I go.

Today look around and see the fun.



Blogger Tamara said...

Yep, you'll be invaded soon enough. Living with a nine year old boy is always an adventure.

Sunday you've got good plans. Saturday you need to get your ass busy and clean. Monday is for resting.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

Good for you! Keep it up!

11:44 AM  

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