Middle of the week...

So much left to do. Another day starts on the dry side. One assumes no rain, sad. Dreams last night plagued me throughout the night, hence tired. The morning is slightly overcast with sun pushing to get out. It may win later on.

The night was filled with both memories of the past and contemplative thoughts of the future. Wondering what that past is doing reaching into my future. Some things we leave behind due to need for ones own sanity. To have it crop up in the current moment seems out of place and throws one for a loop. Timing is everything. Life seems to be out of sync, but then again, perhaps it is all natural and my expectations are basically wrong.

Trust. It be the building block for so many things. It is the optimistic part of me that gives that up, but once it is lost I am weary. But to have it continually broken by individuals is very hard to gain back. I understand we all fuck up (believe I do more than most), but to continue in a pattern only forces one to make decisions.

I live by my decisions. Oddly enough, those are tested from time to time. One needs to remember why that decision was created in the first place. Moments of sadness fill oneself with those memories. Things best left behind. Past cannot be brought forward and reworked. The unknown lies ahead, but sometimes we must define lines to not allow that past to try and get in our path of our future. Some things are better left behind.

Trust. Trust in your previous decisions and Trust in your future ones as well.



Blogger Tamara said...

Sometimes when you've given your trust to the same individual time and time again only to have them not appreciate it, it's best to stop. Giving trust to someone who sees your worth is one thing. Giving it to someone who can only see themselves is another.

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