The concept seems so easy and yet it's not. The idea that one shares our own Truth with another when asked is not always clear. Gray lines are formed around it. I had an earlier conversation (blogged about it a while ago) about giving the Truth in all situations.

I am starting to believe it is not Truth that is the problem; perhaps it is the question and the person behind the question. One may tilt things as to not want the Truth.

I was told I am analytical when evaluating Truth, but shouldn't we all be? I once again am left wondering, why ask a clear question and not expect the Truth?

Maybe I do not hold enough emotional understanding in situations which require more. All situations are different and one will have to learn when that fragileness arises. A moment of kindness may have to prevail. Thoughtfulness has its place in time. I need to be a better judge of that Truth.

One needs to learn to see it all as play by play. Rely on ones assessment of others and how that Truth will affect them. See how ones own outlook on something may not at be another’s. Empathy something I seem to lack in spaces of time. Something else to learn.

Good luck on the path. Peace.