Where did it go?

What? One may ask, so here be a list:
• Life
• Truth
• Creativity
• Fun
• Acceptance

Life exsits, but in the shell of nothingness. Truth, one will have to come back to that. Creativity slipped away as Truth became false. Fun disappears as Life falls apart when Truth hides. Acceptance their in it’s bleakness.

Truth is Hidden in the Shadows. Why bother with this blog when Truth is no longer a main part of it?

It has become a wasteland of nothing. The persona of someone else and no longer holds value for me. Until then one can find me hidden in the shadows.


Blogger blondegonemad said...

Do you still believe this?? I believe you can put a check mark by everything you've listed because it seems you've found them again.

10:10 PM  

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