Wednesday Mor.ning

Wow already mid week. It seems vacation is slipping by. Learned lots on this trip. Many ideas on how the next vacation will or will not go. I think kiddo is having a blast, so in the end that is what matters most to me. All else seems to be secondary.

Few more nifty things still left to be checked out at the park. Hopefully we will get time to do that between today and tomorrow. We have reservations today at the Blue Buyou which is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They have one of the best Monte Cristo sandwiches I have ever had.

Prednisone has leveled off hence starting to taper down already, but not feeling that yet, most likely Thursday or Friday those affects will kick in. I am hoping not 'til the weekend for serious withdrawl issues.

So another day for me to wear my shorts...I can say without a doubt that the low 80's seems fairly darn cool after those first few days of serious heat and I am enjoying it!

Peace and Health.