Sleep or rather lack of

Prednisone...the magic drug for some things. Sleep is not one of them. But yippee it had kicked in and I can say that since about 10 last night (being it is almost 4am, not long ago) my dizziness has subsided for now. Hence magic drug has hopefully kicked an episode.

Now come the extra pieces, like lack of sleep and boundless energy. Not a big deal, the worst part is the taper down and feeling like I have the flu, but that wont be 'til I get home this weekend.

So now I sit in a completely dark very cool hotel room with softly snoring kiddo and grandma. Tomorrow will be day 3 of Disney (day 2 actually getting to the park).

Adventure land is up first, then we head to what I call classic Disney (Fantasy land). Teacups, Peter Pan's flight...older rides. Usually not as busy, but some of my favs.

The heat has been up there but with some tricks I have overall done much better than assumed.

Trip of a lifetime, it is for me and hopefully for a few of the others. We have yet to get that MontiCristo sandwich, but it is on the menu Wednesday.