Another long day

Each seem oddly enough to be getting easier. Of course tomorrow is the last day at the park. We hope to spend the evening watching a movie in Downtown Disney then home for some night swimming. We will see how it plays out.

Life sometimes is to hard to figure out. I look and try hard and yet I seem to be unable to help those I care about most sometimes. One will continue to try otherwise what is it all worth?

It is worth what we put in to it and how we cherish and treat that input. Hence once again what paths we end up on seem to be driven from within ourselves with a few exceptions thrown in for good measure as learning experiences. Those seem to suck more often than not I feel.

So once again tonight I wait for more pictures to upload and go over the memories of the day and seek more for the rest of my life.

Peace and Health.


Blogger Brilliantly Mad said...

Wow...you be up late! I'm so glad you're feeling well to enjoy your vacation. *hugs*

1:20 PM  

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