I thought I was. kiddo, grandma and myself made it the Magic Kingdom land. Damn it's way hotter than I am prepared for. Triple digits or close to it and I am not prepared for that.

I checked the averages and even the high averages this time of year all stated as average 75-80, high range 85. No where in that list was 90's or higher, shit.

Being in less than top form certainly is not helping. I am afraid I could spend some serious time stuck in an cheesy hotel room.

Tomorrow more of the same and hell we did not even get here 'til 3 today.

Headache from the heat with heat rashes already, not truly a good sign. When one takes high doses of drugs that have warnings all over them of heat stroke mixing that with heat is not best. I have learned that from the past and prefer not to test it much.

So here is hoping tomorrow brings unexpected relief, if not, then it is forecasted to be nearly 10-15 degress cool Monday, and will have there sites on that.

Peace and Health.