8 years

Life changed so dramatically and in looking back I had not idea how much of my future depended on it. One of the bests things in my life arrived 8 years ago today.

She was born and nothing has been the same since. All things great seemed to be held into one tiny bundle that threw up a lot.

Over those 8 years a sense of hope surrounded me with her next to me, while the larger society was darkened by entities on which I did not vote for. A new day arises and hope can be found across our country. Let us not back track any further. Let the light shine for all those that have yet to truly live.

May tomorrow's vote change our path as a country and to benefit the human race. And here today, my hope stands stronger than ever before. Life brings so many things our way and lately I feel overwhelmed with how lucky I seem to be.

So today is one step forward and tomorrow may bring another gigantic one. That is my hope.

Peace and Health.