So much, yet so little...

This is how I am feeling about what has been accomplished by me in getting the house ready to go (for sale that is).

The list to complete seems daunting, but I do think doable in 8 days.

We went and looked at one house today. I was trying to once again get a feel from what the web presents and what reality holds true. I am comfortable with it once again. The house by no means was perfect, but yet it was doable in many ways.

Of course when things run wild at home that means that same must be going on at work. In reality things are actually fairly tame for my job, I thin the problem is that I am also doing my co-workers job as he is out on emergency leave. Hence leaving work to be a bit crazy as well. But hey, that job makes home possible and hearing, reading and knowing those who are unemployed I would not trade with them for the world.

On the animal front one of our loved outdoor kitties (Hippy2) is not doing well. Blood work and money gone by with results to be returned tomorrow. I was prepared for not good news from the vet this morning as his "intuition" leads him to believe we may need to make decisions on what is right. Sad.

So there you have it. Live moves forward and tonight with sadness thrown in.

Peace, Health and Happiness.