Carpet Update

In. I busted my ass with my daughter this morning moving all the furniture out and then the old piece of carpet rolled and dragged the old padding out as well. Cleaned the floors (which obviously had not been done in a while) and waited for the truck.

Rodrigo was very helpful and damn strong! That man folded the rolled 20x25 carpet and lifted out into his truck. Then came back for all the crappy padding....OMG.

He then went on to put new padding and the rug/carpet in place. He rocked! Of course cost me $40 more bucks to take away all the old crap and worth EVERY PENNY!

Since of course that was one more shoot E on the parents list about how I did not fully deal with all the issues.

Now lets see who actually comes up with money? I do have so far 5 families willing to donate to help out. Not bad out of 20 right?