Something I do believe is important and something I will stay far far away from.

I use to volunteer at my daughters day care. I ended up as board president. How I have no idea. Damn there was a lot involved in that. I ended up doing classes to know and understand all the rules. We (board) kept the day cares budget in line and reviewed all the costs including wage increases for the staff. I learned a ton.

First off, I never want to be board president again. Believe me there is Always some pain in the ass person that is not happy. Always. There is way more work than what can be done once a month in a two hour meeting and the board president ends up with it.

Secondly when people get up tight and almost violent they yell and threaten to sue you? WTF...it is a non profit daycare moron! We have a list of rules in a laid out handbook?

That was experience number one.

I was stupid enough to actually get on another board. Originally volunteered to deal with the damn web site, turns out once again suckered to the board. This one for a non profit group for families. How hard could that be?

In fighting nightmare. I am stupid and let it go on way to long. Made me dislike people I wanted to like. Made me not want to take my family to any of the groups gatherings. Made me truly truly hate volunteering.

I left that this last spring and there are still issues outstanding that I have got stuck with and want to not have anything to do with.

Now my daughter goes to a Waldorf school. Either you understand this or your don't. The school is truly good for her and her needs. Me not so much. Lots of "volunteerism". I shy way wide of it all. This last June though I socked my foot wide into it.

I volunteered to get a new piece of carpet for the classroom. I went out found decent price bought a piece for over $400 with my money. Now ...reimbursement time. First up a nifty email to the group of parents....

Easy right? No way. I have now had 3 people say groovy and happily help out with cost. Sadly I have had 8 (mind whole group is 20) come back 7 furious I did not make a proper process to create a team to evaluate such a large expense and clear it through them. Gee I thought the group that actually showed up to move the kids (where were these folks in June?) last year saw a safety hazard with the older carpet and we thought a new piece would be great of our kids.

How lame of me to think parents could cough up $20 bucks for there kids.

Number 8 person let me know I could not even put down the new carpet that is being delivered tomorrow due to the fact there child will get sick from it. I really never wanted any of this and yet my big dumb ass foot once again got caught volunteering.

Next time, just say no. NO!!!!


Done and definitely paying for my volunteerism.