Records and extremes

We had one of our worst winters ever this past year. More snow than in the history of the city. What does that mean? Means you will pay the same dues during summer. Hence we are in the midst of a history making heatwave.

Seattle (and vicinity) has only hit triple digits three times in all of it's history. That temperature...100 degrees. Sadly this week they are now predicting 101-102 on Wednesday. Shit. Not like that is bad enough, but it has been surrounded by days of mid 90's. Actually another record more than 4 days over 90. These are not records I need to see fall.

We are not the south or midwest where folks think nothing of it. We are an area that is not very well equipped with AC since why bother for the 2-3 days a year it comes in handy. I have a portable that has been worth EVERY penny and I feel lucky.

We had the hottest May and June on record this year and now July will go down that road as well. Here is hoping August is FILLED with rain. They say be careful for what you wish for. I am carefully wishing for a wet and soggy August which averages less than 1 inch of rain in the whole month...now that is a record worth breaking.

Peace, Health and Happiness.