The fair that is. Yes I did totally over indulge...believe me I did, ask Okie.

Hated going to work this week but got lucky since it was only two days and next week is only three...wonder if I can pull that off for a while. Sadly no, but it is nice right now.

Fall is rearing its lovely head lately with some of my splendid rain and then clearing in the afternoon...who the hell can complain about that? Nice mild temps in the 60 with reaching for that 70 mark...all good.

So a long weekend lays ahead and oddly enough I do not believe we actually have many plans...yipee! As it should be.

Punk o lunk is off with the ex at her grandpas and wont be seen 'til Sunday so just us and the boys for a few days.

Relaxation awaits.

Peace, Health and Happiness.