Where Are We?

I am not sure anymore. Life continues to move forward on the path of the unknown. It always follows it, but sometimes I have clues as to where we are headed as of late not really.

The motions one goes through trying to figure it out is most likely not productive, but I still continue trying. Why is that? Stupidity, stubbornness or some other reason that is unknown right at the moment.

A weekend is once again upon us and that is good or it feels like it should be. Work is a load of shit right now, and yet it is an escape route as well. When I can sit in my office and actually work on projects it seems fine, somehow throw in politics, economy and incompetence and it turns to shit. I guess that is normal. Sad though, as I actually like what I do when I am doing it and as of late it seems I do other shit much more often.

Home is an escape, kind of. Until some person calls and kicks us out of the house even if it is only for 15 minutes. The actual disruption is beyond bad. Having so much of my stuff (seasonal) packed away sucks. We never thought it would take this long to sell and hell we are not even done yet. Tired of it already. Now I need to go get fall and winter stuff out and perhaps pack away summer. Wonder if I will be doing this for more seasons?

The unknown definitely outshines the known. I am not the kind of person who does well with that. With the "economy bouncing back, but not at my company" I get to wonder if I will even have a job? Hell, they already stopped raises and vacation, what is left?

Do I need a new perspective or more patience? Most likely both and yet I know that is not in the cards.

Peace, Health and Happiness.


Blogger Tamara said...

Where are we? We're in the kitchen preparing chicken with our pants around our ankles. Fucktard.

4:35 PM  

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