The Golden Rule

The sound of rain is all around this morning. The peacefulness completes my state of mind. Words fill my head, but somehow getting them all written seems to be a harder task.

Lately a theme seems to be arising

Do onto others, as you would want to have done onto you...

Advice, kindness, and a helping hand, it comes back to us in ways one may not even acknowledge. Do what is right.

It can give you the ability to sit back and look through all that has occurred in your life and see what you as a human have become.

Regret should not play a role in our lives, but in reality we all do things we wish we hadn't. They may not have been right, but all we can do now is see what we learned from those experiences and hope we got enough knowledge and understanding to not repeat them.

By following what we believe in we may find rough patches, but keep going. One can only do there best, life is ever changing. It is the one certain thing we can count on. But one must take all that change learn, grow and make the absolute best from it.

Be nice. Peace.