Bonus...(I'm a little wordy this morning)

Worthiness. What makes us that? What creates that for us? Are we worthy, why?

Our life creates and shows our worthiness. Those around us prove we are to be here. They believe in us and they will continue. Self worth is a large portion of who we are. Why is it many of us have such a poor view of our self worth? What creates this pocket of un-acceptance of who we are? How can one go about to help them selves? Why is it so much easier to see another’s worth and not oneself?

I wish I could feel half as worthy as those that surround me. Amazing people each with uniqueness and a wonder that surprises and enlightens me daily. I can only continue to look and remember how lucky I am. But more than that, I can show others how totally wonderful they are, in the most unimaginable ways, look past the obvious and see it in yourself.

So today one will step into the hall dragging others with us and hopefully find some light. Let the gray move us through with all its clarity shinning through.