The brink of time.

A new month awaits us all. Where will this one lead us? How will life sustain us now?

Remember to create what you want. Pull the necessary items from within. See light, dark and all that lies between and create your space from that. Luckily we are given our mind to help sort it all out, however sometimes it won’t stop processing it and we need it to click off.

One may need to live by the seat of their pants and others may live by the organized anal planner model. Really it does not matter, because at the end of the day one can meet up with the other. Most of us long to be in that same place of happiness and comfort. Regardless of where we start.

Don't let the other get in your way...step forth and succeed. Our head screams to us often about all the shit that we have buried deep within it, remember it is not all true. To get this far in life you are so much better than anything you had ever hoped or thought of.

Keep moving life exists past this moment in time and place. Find the realm where it will all come together or closer and find Truth. Even in the dark Truth is out there. Look past the visible and search the halls.

We as humans are important but make the best of that cause it is all up to you.