Home blank home.

Made it. So far so good. Leaving vacation is hard. Leaving friends is very hard. Coming back to reality seems standard.

Wow, where to start. I love my friends; they make laughing very very easy.

Winning money no, but winning was something I felt I did this week. Yeah didn't get to blog nearly enough and the memory is so weak that very little will get written down, but I will rewind and have it replay itself in my head often as I can.

Laughing, that is probably what we did best.

Blu is lucky, but also a born comedian. Prof is a killer with dry dark humor, dead panned; she can also be intense in each moment. Mike just makes you laugh and hell I do not believe anyone has more trivia in them, also it may not have been said, but he be a charmer also. And I already know the great qualities of Okie, so that was easy.

While gambling it is fun to watch Blu, however her advise in it is something one should re-consider when taking. Be prepared to smile often when walking with her also, posts and walls have new meanings. I must note: I did have a Blu moment outside our hotel room one day...I only ran face first into the wall TWICE.

Prof stands to the side often, but her presence should not be forgotten and dammit if I can catch all her ramblings to herself, but when one does expect the laughter to be loud. I also notice she likes to always walk behind and be last...hmmm, still need to evaluate that one. Beware her deadpanned delivery is very sharp and very quick, listen carefully.

Mike, the outnumbered male, damn was he fun. One-liners fly by quickly. He also was fun to drag off to gamble, got into the spirit of the thing. And at the same time he was good, it was fun. And I will remember his comment "It can always be taking one step further", he was not kidding...LOL.

Okie...play uno spit with her, but make sure to have some antihistamines available. Also watch her enthusiasm in gambling, it was oh so wonderful. And a walk for her means a brisk jog for the rest of us. However keep her away from small dishes of sauces and things in a restaurant that has terrible service and not great food. She knows how to play.

Reno...I may not miss it, but I will greatly miss my friends. But there will be a next time. And I will have a new camera.



Blogger Tamara said...

So Mike is charming. Huh. Imagine that.

Prof and Blu were a hoot and yes, you do have to listen well for little gems from Prof.

Gambling sucks. Okay...let me clarify that...I suck at gambling. It's best left in Mike's hands and I'll watch.

Had a blast, babe. We need to do it again but perhaps someplace less smoky.

4:03 PM  

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