Hope or lack of.

Where does it go?

Life brings about so much. Hope will arrive, it seems to lacking now, but I am sure it will return someday.

Movement on the path will create opportunity both and good and bad. But that action is a requirement for ones continuance in life. Stalling happens, but one mine as well move through it all. Pain and knowledge make us one step closer to the Truth. Lessons seem harder, but who knows it could be the time and the place.

Shredded and tattered. Healing is hopefully on the way.

Peace if at all possible.


Blogger Tamara said...

Hope will return. I know it's absent now but it will show up again. Sometimes just the act of moving forward can bring it out of hiding. Never give up. You are worthy of being loved for who you are. Never forget that.

7:01 AM  

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