The days keep rolling by

Another morning of spring arrives. Awaking brings the sound of the night fading away and the early morning routines takes place. Birds continue on their daily chores, light slowly approach as the night shadows fall back into their corners.

The workweek is coming to an end...accomplished or not another one falls into the past. The day will bring what one allows it to. The decisions of actions will pull forth what and what will not appear today.

The items not of ones choosing must be seen into the light of knowledge and movement toward a new path. We make our own places, but in that same respect we also must deal and accept the decisions and choices in which others have made. We each must react to those things within the realm of our own life. We can take others decision and choices anyway we like, our reaction is the one and only factor that will matter. We can choose to see it the way we want. Make your outlook and direction the way you want.

We cannot drive everyone the way we want, we are only in charge of ourselves. However our consistency and momentum can take us distances past the negative and truly help us on our path to Truth. Find your moment. Create your space and live as you choose to live. Others create situations one must accept inside of that life, but our reaction and decisions will counter and move in the direction we allow our self.

All things can be spun. You may have to work extremely hard finding that choice, but don't give up it is there. Life is worth living. Short or long make the best decision you can for everything you care about.

Today is Friday. Smile and consider that tomorrow is Saturday, choose to find hope and the future will find you.