Pondering the future

why...maybe because others lately fear it for me? Maybe I should fear the unknown, but what actual good does one get from that? Where in lies the knowledge or even acceptance of the outcome when fear is played upon?

Things will be what that will be. There may be serious sadness around that outcome, but in the end fear of it will do no good. We make choices in life. We can choose to look past the current moment and have hope for what lies past those shadows.

When the spot in time seems to be to much think past it. See what can be. Accept what is present and find peace with it. Remember for everything lost one must seek out and find what is found. We create new paths with each decision, seek that for comfort.

Find it and acceptance and knowledge will exist. Good can be hidden in between so much. Look hard and learn to grow. Hope exists.

Peace can be around the corner.