Needs and Wants...

Large differences exist within the realm of each word. Need is more on a primal level of must have. Want lives within the section of hope and desire. A large area of gray, we may think we Need when in reality we Want.

One must clearly understand the two and see it for what it is. That thin line that separates so much exist here as well. Be clear and honest with yourself about it. Needs in all reality are few, however Wants can be a much larger portion.

Confusion of the two seem to occur somewhere in our brains sometimes. It be up to us to recognize that and try and contemplate the options involved. See a large picture when viewing. All possibilities and outcomes that may occur before announcing the Want should be viewed. The path of destruction can occur if evaluation is not clearly thought out. Wants are much tougher to truly fill, so make sure to take the time and respect of contemplating the larger realm that they fit into. Good luck, we all need it.