When changes occur over periods of time and one hardly notices the building effect of that drop…what happens when a glimpse of what once was returns?

Want completeness, we each hope to have it. What is life? Wholeness or an existence. Which is more important? One can exist without being whole…where does that line occur? What choices or decisions should one make in figuring out the outlook?

We each decide for ourselves what is truly worth. Do we go along and forget? No I think it slips away so slowly that we don’t even equate it with change, but when it returns in full we get insight that has us asking questions. Knowledge and questions are so important and losing track of them over time seems easy but in the end what we have must be seen as what is it all worth.

Create a picture of what you want and grasp the importance of it. Don’t let is slide away without noticing. The shock that occurs when that insight is given back to us even on a short term it will never be the same. One may take less to enjoy the whole over half that covers a longer period of time.

Each of those choices and decisions has long-term effects on everything that touches us. Keep in view the goal…Life and living it to the best way possible. The hard moments and Truths may create a path we never contemplated before. Evaluate what that means. Seek your Truth openly and the answers may fall into place.

Good luck and Peace.