10 days...

Dreaded like nothing. Was given all the fact sheets and information...89.9% of folks get this...great. Well the sheets did not include the other 10.1%...the lucky ones. Take it whenever it occurs.

Life is amazing...in 10 days with 48 hours of it blocked off for major appreciation of life.

10 days...outlook far exceeds what has been a lousy year. 10 days...reaches into a depth and finds the meaning of home. 10 days...finds the meaning of health. Included are 48 magical hours that are nearing an end. But left at the end of those 10 days is hope, future, happiness.

Choices and decisions are to be made, but given what can be one must walk forward to find it all once again. Life finds ways to give us small glimpses of what can be, what do we do with them? We can whine like a child until everyone stops listening, perhaps then grow up and see something flawless has been given to us. Life.

The ability to have hope has been struck within ones mind. How do we go about capturing that full time? Doesn't matter how, but it matters that we try. How can the end result be less than where one is currently? It can't. We may not succeed, but in the end not trying will guarantee loss of success. "I can't" a common phrase one hears, why is that? How do 4 year olds come up with this? "I can't"...why the hell not try? What loss is there in trying and not getting the outcome one wished for? It is not failing to at least try. Failing is NOT trying. You have succeeded in your own fault when not giving yourself the opportunity of success.

10 days...light was seen. Now I need to continue looking for that breaker box. The switch may be defective but in life one must try and find the source. Truth exists; it may take work to find it. But we have the time and we need the task. Life is about learning, all good, not so good and all the in between.

Don't lose ones own sense of worth, keep trying and you can be amazed in what may appear. Find your path, seek the small-unannounced things along the way and see inside them for what they truly offer. It was given to us, by ones own self, use it wisely.

10 days...Peace.