The night passed into the day...

With ease and smiles. Birds alert me to the coming morning. Darkness surrounds us with comfort. The night played off better than one could hope and another day lies ahead. Smiles today with ease that some baggage has been left on the side of the road.

Hopes of what was have come full circle and hopefully the pattern can continue. Words chosen by some have proven themselves completely wrong. I smile at the interpretation with gladness. Doubts in ones own mind can be squelched slightly today.

Belief in ones convictions comes through cleanly. Strengthens ones own senses and hopefully gains more momentum for the future endeavors.

People holding on so tightly to what is not boxed may find themselves with nothing. Control of life is not always possible. One must learn control is varied through our daily paths. Full control over another cannot be achieved. Controlling ones own life is hard enough task but to try and control another being or all interaction situations with that being may be too far out of reach for anyone.

How to explain that reality to someone who denies or understands their sense of need is next to impossible. We each as individuals need to find our own path. Each decision and choice we follow through with puts us there and by those steps alone we can only hope to find our bits and pieces of Truth. Acceptance of what one can and cannot control and perhaps a reality check into that one should have on a regular basis.

Learn, accept knowledge and follow through with the journey. Truth lies within ourselves if we choose to see it is the key.