Shadows fade into the morning...

As the birds chirp letting the rest of us know the daylight is just a bit away. Monday gives one the hope for a new start. Laying wide-awake listening to the morning sounds all around one gets a sense of new and opportunity on the few. Let it fill the day.

The week can hold whatever opportunities one takes and seeks out. Let there be many. The prospects are large and plentiful. Time to seek and reward one for patience. Let things run in the manner one hopes. Stakes seem high and it may be important to make this week work without to much pressure.

So here starts a new. Let it be what you want, find it inside yourself to make it work. Life opens and shuts doors all over, make sure to view them and do your best in your decision-making. Create the life you want. When that seems to fail, do your best around it and look at the future as the opportunities keep falling at your feet.

Find and live as you hope to and see the unknown as opportunities undefined.