Another Monday

Arriving on time. Rain, gray overcast day, one to be happy with for sure.

Life continues on. Questions left unanswered go by.

Common sense. What is it? We each have what consists for us to be common sense. Why can nothing within individuals be standard? How do we know whether we are compatible with others when each of us so damn unique?

So many pieces make up each of us. Looking for perfect fits it unrealistic. To accept differences is good. But which ones shall we truly look at? How important is each trait to you and another individual? Do you see eye to eye on things?

There is always the obvious as well. You find someone that seems to be an appropriate fit and over time it all slips away. Hence each of you grows, change and no longer see on the same level. Now all those pieces that we easily overlooked before seem to be worse since there is now nothing in common with one another. Sadness fills the void.

Ever moving change. The one absolute constant. If you feel there is no change in your life, than your reality is skewed. Each moment, thought, and contemplation changes you. Deny all you like. Truth is within.

Sometimes we may change away from others and be amazed when we finally realize it. But it all slipped away right in front of us. Relationships change constantly. To keep each healthy; trust, honesty and caring is the key. Don't let them slip away unnoticed. Life is empty and dark without them.