Expectations or lack of

Should we have none? I am realizing mine are way to high for most people. To clearly think someone will do there job completely seems to be expecting too much these days.

How does one go about not giving a shit like the folks that seem to help me lately? The frustration level of caring is becoming way to high. One needs to learn to go about these challenges a different way. How can one learn how to "let it all go" and not be perplexed by the high levels of incompetence surrounding ones self?

Maybe I can learn how to not give a shit at my job as well, and then my stress level may go down also. Sadly what happens to ones own integrity that holds standards to themselves? Does one learn to just not give a shit anymore?

Does it all matter? I am starting to believe not.


Blogger Renee said...

Well said! Why is there so much incompetence? And when you see the amount of incompetence, it amazes me that we've even evolved as a species as much as we have! Let's put the Imcompetents on that big isolated island in the ocean with all the Fatalists that I'm sending!!

9:43 AM  
Blogger E said...

Grand thoughts...be in reality how does one go about living amongst it all?

9:46 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

I wish I knew! I get stuck on the not understanding why so many people are happy living with such low standards for themselves and others. The trouble is the incompetents in life, and there are way too many of them, count on people like us to carry the load. And unfortunately for us and fortunately for them, our expectations of ourselves is that we wind up carrying the load. So living among it all, I think we'e stuck with it and just have to grin and bear it! Isn't that island in the middle of the ocean beginning to sound like a feasible idea now??!!

11:25 AM  

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