Sunday rolls in

Where is my rain? Gray it is, but no rain in sight. The day is quiet so far; even the birds are lower volume. Maybe today one can find motivation to actually clean the dump. Need to start putting things away. The tripping is out of hand. Unfortunately motivation is on the low side.

Inner fight going on, would I prefer to stay at home and get stuff done or go to work. Neither, can I just find a nice dark corner and fade away.

Motivation must be found. Need to put some labels on some boxes and get to the post office Monday, been lame, time to get it together.

Slug attitude only works so long and then it gets old. Time to gather it all together and get moving. Organize day perhaps...hope so.


Blogger Tamara said...

Here's your motivation...two weeks and counting. Your house will soon be invaded by three members of the Hodge Lodge. This means three more people in a small space. I'll do my best to keep Mike and Duncan from cluttering but it's almost an impossibility to make a nine year old boy be tidy all the time.

8:28 AM  

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