rolls into action. Not quickly but fast enough. Today will be a dry one after the last few days of down pours...bummer. No worries rain returns tomorrow and hopefully all weekend. Of course with our usual sun breaks, so we may be into mid 60's perfect June weather. What more could a person want?

A full day lies ahead. So much to get done. Focus should be the key for the next few weeks. Seems a lot easier said then done. Work has been an escape, but in the end not like my focus has been 100% there, but it needs to be for a few days at least.

A path seems to be coming to light, moving slowly to it and leaving some baggage behind is best. Leaving those pieces seems odd, since they never actually came to light, but sometimes leaving those which lie in the dark may be the best way to move forward. Acceptance of what will never be is best. Not easy but best.

Forward, they only way to move at this point. I know what is behind me and there seems to be no open doors. All new landscape out front. Take my time and see all that exists around me. Giving me plenty space and momentum to heal.

Change is all about. It may be ever present but sometimes it is more difficult than in other times. The unknown is all there is.



Blogger Renee said...

What more could a person want?

How about Sunny and in the 60s in June?!!! But go ahead and enjoy your rain, I know how much you love it. As much as I love the sun though, do you think you could send a few drops of rain my way?!

Leaving unwanted baggage behind is good. Hopefully it makes the journey lighter.

Forward can actually include many directions. Take your time, but try and enjoy a laugh along the way!

8:03 AM  
Blogger Tamara said...

Sick. I'd go crazy if our June was in the 60s. Of course, my electric bill would be much lower.

We may think differently sometimes but, in the end, the unknown is all there ever is.

11:17 AM  

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