Early moring rain

Comes down in a lightly. The birds chirp in the dark waiting for that early light to crack the horizon. Another day tilts forward.

Making a very short walk in the darkness letting the morning dampness invade me. Sounds all about of birds waking and moving on with their day. Never knowing what makes one different from another.

I walk slowly feeling the drizzle seep inside. The air is refreshing and crisp for such dew filled morning. Breathe.

Sleep evaded me; hence the day will be long. Hours of escape lies ahead at my desk. No permanent escape allowed.

One seeks solace amongst chaos. A head full of wants. A mind aware of reality. They keep each other in check. A thin line to balance and achieve. One can overwhelm another easily.

Thursday holds no more or less then yesterday. Options, decisions and choices will continue to be given. Movement lies within each of our grasp and yet feels so far away. Reach.