What if...

Something each of us may think one at one time or another. Does it do us any good? Reality and hindsight always let us see a different path, however one must remember that even "if" something occurred in a different format the outcome was still unknown.

Life is a matter of movement. One can only get to place B by starting at place A. Hence we all may think the "what ifs" because they feel good and allow us to hope. That is something not to lose. Allow yourself that opportunity to float off into the land outside reality once in a while. Just remember that every field looks better in a distance. Once standing on the land itself reality will once again sink in and become clear.

Each decision and choice takes us down a path. Some are a bit more difficult than others. We may need to carefully decide each one for the important factors, others we seem to spew out quickly. All will make a difference. Our choices lead us to the next moment. Get the most from life. Enjoy all that there is. Moments small and large all count.

What is important is the ability to look up once in a while and see that there is more out there and that you can look forward to moving through it. Life affords us certain luxuries dreams and hopes are all in a package. Don't deny them; let it fill you, sometimes we need those to move past the rougher spots.

But in the end what one has created is enough as long as you can truly say you have done your best trying. Live, Love and Enjoy.